External hard drive ....again

  eevie 12:05 26 Mar 2011


Some mroe questions...

How easy is it to use the external hard drive. can you drag and drop as you do in Windows Explorer, or do I need extra software, one I've seen in argos comes with arconis software? Also what's the difference in operation of portable and desktop external hard drive. I think I would want portable to be able to back up from other computers.

Thanks again

  theDarkness 12:48 26 Mar 2011

I have a maxtor USB external hard drive, from the 'my computer' icon, if a hd is connected, it will show up just like any internal hd, allowing you to browse its content or copy/cut files over. on a modern version of windows, xp and up, windows should detect your hard drive and use its own generic drivers to allow it to work. the disc you receive with your external hd may have various data related backup and safety tools for you to use or try out, along with their own drivers.

There are differing connection types for external hds with different data transfer rates, but external hard drives still work at a slower speed than internal. installing and running software from one is possible, and writing a cd or dvd is too, but high capacity drives are generally intended for backup-writing at a slower speed from an external is recommended in comparison to internal for a successful burn-but for either type of hd, the slowest write speed is always recommended

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:57 26 Mar 2011


This is a hard drive we are talking about. Yes it will be slightly slower than an internal drive if connected at USB 2 speed.

Just think of it like a USB pen drive its exactly the same just more capacity and having Acronis with it means you have the best back up software on the market.

  Woolwell 13:07 26 Mar 2011

Portable drives usually don't have a separate power supply and are driven by usb. Desktop drives tend to have their own power supply and can be larger in capacity (but not always!).

  theDarkness 13:08 26 Mar 2011

I forgot to mention that I would recommend that you buy an external desktop hard drive as opposed to a portable external hard drive (which does not need power). Although portables are smaller with no mains plug required, they can be very fragile and generally have a shorter lifespan-I had one before and it did not last very long at all.

I forgot to mention that with an external drive connected, dragging files over from the internal hd will act as a copy and paste, and not a cut-it does not remove the file from its original location. If you want a true drag and drop, similar to copying files that are all within the same drive, you will have to simply cut and paste instead. Someone may know a solution to that, but of course its default drag method is safer

  theDarkness 13:09 26 Mar 2011

haha woolwell got their first! :)

  theDarkness 13:27 26 Mar 2011

Fruit Bat :) you're right in that it may not be necessary info if eevie is mainly after storage capabilities, just what i found possible with an external in storage/installing/burning-I managed successful burns on a usb2 connection from an external hd to dvd. im not sure how the older usb1 would fare burning using the slowest disc speed, but thats another issue :)

  eevie 14:05 26 Mar 2011

thanks for all your help...off to buy one now, going for the desktop.

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