External Hard Drive (advice)

  O-NO 12:00 21 Mar 2007

If I leave my External HD plugged in to the mains (connection to PC is through USB) I can not boot up in to Windows.

I receive the following message 'Reboot and select proper boot device'

If I then unplug the External HD then boot up everything loads OK........I can then plug the External HD in and use it fine.

Is there a way around this so that I don't have to keep remembering to unplug the EXT HD?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  keef66 12:02 21 Mar 2007

Check the boot order in bios, make sure your internal HDD comes before anything external.

  skidzy 12:03 21 Mar 2007

Maybe changing the bios boot order to External hdd/hdd/cd/floppy.

  skidzy 12:03 21 Mar 2007

Snap Keef.... sorry bit slow then Lol.

  skidzy 12:04 21 Mar 2007

oops just noticed i listed the boot order wrong way,should read hdd/exhd/cd/floppy.

  O-NO 13:24 21 Mar 2007

Thanks for the replies.

I checked earlier with support where I bought my PC from who said there was nothing I could do and I couldn't change the the boot up order in BIOS.

PC Spec;

AMD 64 3700

So I should be able to change the boot up without any problems?

  skidzy 13:26 21 Mar 2007

Yes you should be able to change the boot order unless the bios is locked.

Try one of these keys to enter the bios F2/F1/Delete key/Escape key...hitting one of these on startup (before windows loads)

  CLONNEN 13:29 21 Mar 2007

There should be a message at the bottom of the screen when your computer is first switched on.

Press F1 to enter Setup

On some computers it is the Del key instead of F1.

  keef66 15:33 21 Mar 2007

Eventually downloaded the mobo manual. Keep tapping the DEL key as the pc is starting up, it should go into Setup. Use the R arrow key to move across the main menu sections at the top to the BOOT section, then hit Enter.

Change the boot order so first boot device is the floppy (if you have one) second the CD drive, and third the internal HDD. You don't want to see your ext hdd there.

Press whatever key(s) you need to save the changes and exit.

It should continue starting and boot from the internal HDD

  keef66 15:34 21 Mar 2007

Just out of curiosity, where did you buy it from? I wouldn't want a pc I couldn't alter bios settings on.

  O-NO 17:08 21 Mar 2007

Bios without EX HDD pluged in shows boot sequence as;

(1) Floppy

(2) CD Drive

(3) Internal HDD

When the EX HDD is plugged in the (3) options then shows as EX HDD and unable to boot.

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