external hard drive adapter

  johnnyrocker 19:31 13 Mar 2005

not sure if i am going to explain myself too well but we see, a friend was telling of an external case into which one can plug any hard drive and then connect to usb port with cable attached and use the drive from there it would appear to be a docking station type set up, any one know what these are called and where they can be got?


  Zeppelyn 19:38 13 Mar 2005


You should be able to get one easily, just google usb to external hdd adaptor.

There are some good deals on EBAY.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 13 Mar 2005

click here

USB2 external drive enclosure kit, plug in an old IDE hard drive (I use an old 40G one I upgraded) works just like a normal hard drive.

Or you can plug in a CDRW or DVD also.

  TomJerry 19:53 13 Mar 2005

click here

or storagedepot click here

  woodchip 19:53 13 Mar 2005

Yes I bought onr from a Computer Fair, a USB2 for about £22 I fitted a 200Gb Seagate Barracuda 8mb bus
The Case just says Mobile Disc click here

  johnnyrocker 20:02 13 Mar 2005

great stuff folks thanks for as usual speedy reply the answers now lead to a new question the old hard drive had win me new pc xp pro will i be able to transfer files from old to new and vice versa? keep up the good work


  woodchip 20:17 13 Mar 2005

I use My drive on Win98 and XP, But found that a Download setup file will not run from drive to a Win98 computer if the File was downloaded to Disc on the XP computer but if copied to the Hard drive it will run. XP is NTFS on Desktop and Laptop and 98se on a Desktop the Drive is partitioned into 4 Partitions and all set to FAT32 one partition is 124Gb but going to change one partition to NTFS as the limit for a Video File on Fat32 is about 4Gb

  johnnyrocker 09:44 14 Mar 2005

if i read you right i should not have a problem? i am thinking more along the lines of getting pictures/music/docs from the old drive.


  SEASHANTY 11:39 14 Mar 2005

AKASA USB2 drive enclosures
click here

  SEASHANTY 11:43 14 Mar 2005

USB2 hard drive only enclosures from £17-57 (inc vat)
click here

  johnnyrocker 11:45 14 Mar 2005

nice tip cheers, i dont have usb 2 on board but i do have firewire but not sure if i can use that as seems like it might be part of platinum 2 card but not sure.


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