External hard drive

  GrannyA 12:26 03 Nov 2011

My computer hard drive has just ceased to function and I've had to have a new one fitted. Fortunately all files were saved and will be put back on to the new drive. But it was frightening to think what I could have lost. What does anyone suggest I do to back up everything onto one place - an external hard drive has been suggested. What one should we buy - we are not at all technology savvy, so needs to be easy to manage and understand. Thanks Granny A

  recap 15:22 03 Nov 2011

To make backing up your hard drive as easy as possible, you should set up a backup profile. Most PCs with Microsoft Windows XP have a program called Windows XP Back Up installed as a useful application. Once you open the application, you can follow the instructions from the backup wizard and decide what exactly you wish to back up.

To find the Back up tool go to: Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Back Up.

There are several third party back up programs available but for ease of use I would suggest you use the Windows one for now.

Buy an external hard drive large enough to take what you want to back up. A 500GB external hard drive would be sufficient to normal use. These can range in price from around £40 upwards.

  Terry Brown 15:54 03 Nov 2011

Personally I prefer EASEUS. Here are some of the better FREE ones which are more user friendly than Microsoft..



  mole44 04:36 04 Nov 2011

i use a dongle from clickfree,£39.99 plus p&p from Amazon to back up all my data. As it says it's clickfree you just plug it into your external drive then your computers usb drive.It takes a while on the first save then thereafter looks to any alterations of your data then just saves that. I have over 42k music tracks (all legal i might add)i'd be gutted to loose all that and all my other data,in fact i alternate between two external hard drives nothing like belt and braces.

  SB23 15:55 04 Nov 2011

A few years ago I came to the conclusion that, although "backup software" is very good, I would just simply use external hdd's. For me, to be honest, it was the easier option as alot of the programs available for backup purposes I could never really get to work to their full potential. I bought a 500gb from Ebuyer, and have been using it since. It even came with its own software, but I chose not to use it. Once a month, I copy all photo's if I've added to them, all word docs, music files, and any other files I would miss. I don't worry about the operating system, I would just reinstall. The thing is, its very easy. As long as the hard drive is connected, its simply "drag and drop". I've just lost my internal drive so am also glad that I had backups, so do is asap. Once I had put new drive in, I was up and running again within 30 mins.


  GrannyA 16:42 04 Nov 2011

Thank you vey mush everyone. I now have a number of options to consider and will be choosing one within days - just cannot contemplatenlosing years of files (even if many are now useless - I will do some housekeeping and have a spring clean soon!) Thank you again Granny A

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