External Hard Drive?

  Bevan Ashford 13:56 17 Mar 2010

Dear All

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

I think I should buy an external hard drive that supports RAID 1 and eSATA….

If the box supports RAID 1 does that mean there are two physical hard drives inside?

How do I tell if I have an appropriate eSATA port? I believe my internal hard drive is SCSI.

Does anyone have any recommendations as the PC Advisor article I read gravitated more towards portable hard drives and portability makes little difference to me.

  MAJ 14:09 17 Mar 2010

"If the box supports RAID 1 does that mean there are two physical hard drives inside?"

Not necessarily, it means that the motherboard supports it, either natively or via use of a standalone RAID controller card (usually in older computers).

"How do I tell if I have an appropriate eSATA port?"

What mother board are you using?

  MAJ 14:23 17 Mar 2010

This is what an eSATA port looks like. click here

  gazzaho 14:52 17 Mar 2010

The most common external drives are USB, some are now being sold with the e-SATA connection as well, for transfer speed e-SATA is the best choice as it's faster than USB.

You can buy RAID NAS drive enclosures like this (click here) but I'm pretty sure you have to buy the drives separate, this can be expensive for making simple backups of day to day data. If the data you want to back up is critical, say for a business then using something like the one I linked to might be worth the outlay, but if you simply need another drive for non-critical data backup then a USB external drive would be your safest bet, if you have an e-SATA port on your computer then it would be preferable to buy an external drive with that connection, because as is said, e-SATA transfers data faster than USB.

I was going to link to the same picture as the one MAJ used, but he beat me to it lol.

  Bevan Ashford 15:16 17 Mar 2010

Thank you Maj and Thank you gazzaho.

I will look at my motherboard when I get back home from work at provide an update.

I think I was trying to solve a problem with information that was floating around in my head.

I would like to backup my data, but at the same time my existing hard drive is getting quite full.

Maybe the best solution would be to get the recommended PC Advisor external hard drive to back up data, and simply prune my external hard drive to free up more space?

Thank you for your advice so far. It is much appreciated.

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