External Hard Drive

  Enoch 12:14 16 Mar 2006

Any reccommendations for an external hard drive which I wish to use for back-up of a laptop hard drive? I travel a lot, so I want something portable. My laptop has 80gb hard drive so I want soemthing at least that and possible double

  GroupFC 12:19 16 Mar 2006

have a look at this thread on a similar subject click here

  Enoch 13:22 16 Mar 2006


Thanks for the link, however I think the ones shown in that thread are for desk PC's. I need a portable one which is fed power from the laptop, not from the mains power. Also, it would be preferable if it has it's own programme as opposed to me using something like Norton Ghost for back-up

  GroupFC 14:02 16 Mar 2006

OK - misunderstood (not difficult!), outside my area of knowledge (again not difficult!), hopefully somebody else will jump in with some advice.

One thing I would say tho' - are you sure that there will be sufficient power to feed the external hard drive without its own power source - I thought they all needed an external power supply?

  Enoch 14:29 16 Mar 2006


Re power, I have seen them actually advertised as "laptop external hard drives" only using power from the laptop, which of course is powered by the mains unless used without outside power. If laptop is used without mains power, one does not use the External hard drive. (Hopefully I have made sense as I know what I mean).

Once I know what I will be doing, I will post my results, just so anyone else can learn from my decision.

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