External hard disk

  B.J. 21:10 07 Aug 2008

Thanks to your help my PC is now usable and quick again. On your advice I downloaded CC Cleaner it really is FREE and fantastic!
While I was looking for a fix I downloaded all my photos onto CDs. Now I'm thinking of buying an external hard disk. I have thousands of pictures and I reckon a 500GB portable disk would do it. Has anybody else done this and does it work ?
Any advice please ? B.J.

  MsTechie 21:17 07 Aug 2008

An external drive is good for temporary but they are still volatile, meaning there is a possibility for errors i.e drive crashing, cant access data etc, a better long term solution is to burn your pics to DVD-Rs and store them safely away.

  woodchip 21:19 07 Aug 2008

better still on both

  manrow 21:38 07 Aug 2008

MsTechie you specified DVD-Rs, are they so different from DVD+Rs?

  woodchip 21:41 07 Aug 2008

No, its what your drive works with what matters

  Quiet Life 21:47 07 Aug 2008

click here I bought one of these last month in Portugal at Staples for €109. Why so dear in UK a mystery. It is USB when connected to PC and has HDMI,Scart,Composite and coaxial outputs to the TV. I automatically plays slide shows of photos which can be controlled with a remote.

  B.J. 09:40 08 Aug 2008

Thank's again for your help folks.I couldn't keep this contraption running if it wasn't for the helproom and you folks on it !
I like the sound of your ext' disk QL but I was looking for something less fancy (cheaper) just so that my PC will work OK and that I can look and sort my pics when I've got a minute.(Backed up on DVDs or CDs). Are there any special prices out there at the moment...?

  woodchip 12:39 08 Aug 2008

You can make up your own, using a USB caddy and fit your own Hard Drive

  Woolwell 13:33 08 Aug 2008

Agree with MsTechie. I have an external hard drive and found that some photos had become corrupted. Fortunately I had them backed-up on a DVD too.
Nowadays most drives will write to - or + DVD, but may have a preference. DVD players for TV's, etc may only like one type of DVD, for example my relatively old Panasonic player will only take - format.

  crosstrainer 14:32 08 Aug 2008

....Never have enough backups! I have my photo and music collections backed up in 4 places. (call me paranoid, but DVD and CD media degrades over time, and HDD's fail)

  ventanas 15:39 08 Aug 2008

Mine are on an external hard drive(now 1Tb), a second internal hard drive, and DVD (twice)
Call me paranoid as well.

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