External drives

  [DELETED] 06:53 09 Jun 2006

NORTON GHOST 10 can fill an external drive when learning its potential, if one retrieves the drive then one is left with 'immovable' data, I used to reformat to cure corruption but there are so many seagate models! Norton merely says 'change product' which is of no use? does thia clarify as many must have upgraded to GHOST 10.0

  wee eddie 07:22 09 Jun 2006

Otherwise no-one will know what you're talking about.

click here

You are still talking in riddles. None of us are "Mind Readers" and you still have not explained your problem.

We need to know the OS you are using and the spec of the relevant hardware and software.

  [DELETED] 10:37 09 Jun 2006

You've totally lost me.


  woodchip 10:46 09 Jun 2006

what are you on about

  [DELETED] 14:48 09 Jun 2006

XP : - IF you have used norton ghost 10 then you will know that recovery points are recomended to be put on external drive. But how do you clean the external drive if you dislike ghost 10 due to problems, and want to return to Ghost 9 which gave no problems except for removal of ghost icon from taskbar, clear as a crystal if you have used due item.

  wee eddie 15:25 09 Jun 2006

When you installed NG10 did you install it over NG9 or did you Uninstall NG10 first.

When you first installed NG9 did you set it to overwrite the previous Copy on the HDD or create another Copy, or alternatively, did you set-up for an incremental back-up.

If you have problems with NG10, why not ask us here. We may be able to help.

  wee eddie 15:27 09 Jun 2006

The final NG10 should, of course, read NG9.

  [DELETED] 05:45 10 Jun 2006

Att of 'Wee eddie': I used overwrite with NG9 and removed to install NG10, does this help? Ghosting is millions of years old,with only changes noted at point recovery times,unlike GO Back.
BUT, how do you delete these recovery points or even the master backup if you find original is flawed requiring deletion and reinstating; nothing in manual as to this.

  [DELETED] 08:16 10 Jun 2006

Chuck it away and buy acronis!

  wee eddie 08:52 10 Jun 2006

What you are saying makes no sense. I was going to say that it was "gobbledygook" as you appear to be using a combination of both forms of Back-up.

If you want help, could you get your thoughts in order before you commit them to the thread.

The current lack of response is almost certainly because no-one can understand where you are coming from or what you want to do.

  [DELETED] 15:18 11 Jun 2006

You've totally lost me.


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