External Drive and total Backup

  GazMaz 11:53 07 Apr 2003

Ok so at the same time as PC Advisor again restates the importance of Backup etc, I have a major crash and loose my data! Well that’s not totally true but almost as good as.
So the biggest headache not so much the lose of data, a nightmare though that is, it's the reinstalling of all those little tweaks that you all know we go through when living with our PC's.

So what's the point of this post, well the headache/heartache of what I've gone through, and PCAdvisor saying why not do a complete system backup then you can reset everything as it was!
I'd like to know,
1) Is it that easy?
2) I have an 80Gb drive can anyone recommend a an External Hard Drive and Software to do the job.
I'm currently looking at the Iomega HDD 80GB External Hard Drive at around £160.00.

Has anyone got an answer to either of these questions.

Many thanks

  MAJ 12:31 07 Apr 2003

It's relatively easy to do, GazMaz, the more you do it the easier it gets. Try Norton Ghost, it's a good package for "cloning" your hard drive. You can see a nice tutorial on how to use it if you click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Iomega make good external drives, you could also look at Maxtor or Lacie see if they have anything to suit your needs.

  vinnyT 12:48 07 Apr 2003

One of the other pc mags (as usual, can't remember which or what prog it is, but the mag costs £5.99) has a full version of some cloning software on it, obviously not the latest version but would do the trick.

And, yes it is easy to do.

  MichelleC 13:42 07 Apr 2003

Norton's Ghost is a good cloner, as is Powerquest's Drive Image. I've got an ext hd and clone my other hd's onto it.

There are progs that will auto update all files on all hd's.

If you're ME/2000/xp you can restore/set restore.

BTW if your crashing it may be time for a format.

  GazMaz 15:38 07 Apr 2003

Thanks for the responses, looks like several software options.
And on the right track with the hard drive, I assume a ghost copy is exactly as it sounds a exact copy, no zipping etc?

MichelleC it was not my drive, it was me so human error, can't blame it on my system.

  EforB 15:51 07 Apr 2003

Could I Point out that Drive Image will not Clone to USB or Firewire external Drives but Norton Ghost will.

  GazMaz 19:10 17 Apr 2003

I struggled until someone pointed me to the following web page I downloaded the free utility, which worked a treat (I needed a second logical drive to be available) and recovered 95% of files.

Here's the URL
click here

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