External drive missing

  eedcam 15:05 10 Aug 2014

Today for some reason I no longer appear to have my external drive As far as I can tell it is running ie lights etc come on with startup of the pc but not showing in My Computor etc. Assume it must have died or is there some other possibility all leads seem ok

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:27 10 Aug 2014

and see if it shows up in device manager

  wee eddie 17:52 10 Aug 2014

Almost as "rdave13":

switch off 》unplug 》switch on 》re plug

  bionicle 19:16 10 Aug 2014

Try Control Panel,System & Security,Administrative tools,Computer management,Then click 'disk management'and scroll down to find your external drive and right click on it and select change drive letter and paths, then click add and your external drive should be there for you.

  BRYNIT 22:30 10 Aug 2014

"All leads seem OK" Have you tried removing and reseating the leads?

Have you tried this external hard drive on another computer?

If it does not work on another computer the problem could be the internal circuit board in the hard drive caddy. Remove HD and try in another caddy if this fails it's likely to be the HD.

  eedcam 10:38 11 Aug 2014

Well yesterday after posting and rechecking the leads it worked thought I'd give it overnight brfore calling Yipee sure enough jusy now it failed again I unplugged and rebooted nothing then up popped the windows box telling me this disc contains files of X and what would I like to open them with . Strange as 5 mins ago Adobe audition could not find files on that disc anyroad it is now working again and no it dont show up in device manager when it aint working . reluctant to buy another external in case it might be the PC at fault

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 11 Aug 2014

Use USBDeview to clean the registry of all usb devices

they will be refound when plugged back in

constant swapping of drives etc. can cause conflicts in the registry and sometimes the usb devices fail to so up or are not recognised.

this will help eliminate a PC fault if its still happening then maybe the case is failing.

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