External drive

  User-30F06F40-507F-43E0-B3DB65A87B01C9A1 11:58 14 Dec 2006

I have connected via USB external drive and it is picked up on the safely remove hardware, it shows on the device manager under usb as a mass drive but will not appear on explorer.

Help please????

  oldal 12:06 14 Dec 2006

Does it show in "My Computer" . Not sure why you expext to see it with explorer.

No, afraid not, its doesn't show.

  Rigga 12:19 14 Dec 2006

Have you formatted the drive?

Right click "My computer" and select Manage.

Then under disk management, you should see your new drive.

It it show unformatted then you need to right click the drive and select format.


  mymate 12:20 14 Dec 2006

I just got a Seagate external hard drive, and Windows found it straight away . I remember the info telling me not to plug it in to any of the front usb sockets ,only use the back . thats for Seagate one ,wouldn't know if its for all external hard drives

Its not showing in the disk management, I have it plugged in at the rear, if I un-plug in makes the noise and shows up in the tray as connected via usb.

  oldal 12:35 14 Dec 2006

Have a look in device mgr ,click on disk drives, there should be a entry " ************ USB Device "
Then reinstall driver

No errors showing it says that it is working fine with no newer driver available, working with XP pro.

  oldal 12:57 14 Dec 2006

Don't want to state the obvious but I assume you have powered the system up/down since installing device and driver.

Powered down its made no difference its still not showing on My computer.

  Pamy 15:49 14 Dec 2006

I see no answer to rigga question. You have to make it active

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