External Caddy for an old Hard Drive

  wee eddie 16:11 23 Oct 2006

I have looked around the "on-line" stores and am wondering under what heading to look, or what form of words to use, as Caddy is no help at all.

Also any advice as to the type of connections and or specification to have will be gratefully received.

The old Drive is a couple of years old and about 80GB, so I don't wish to dump it, but to use it as a backup device for my Laptop.

The reason for the need may be a lesson to some of us.

My previous PC was built into a "Small Form" MiniQ Case. The PSU blew and a replacement is no longer available as it was specific to the Case. So I am now being helped to put all the old bits into a new Case and upgrading to a 250GB HDD.

  wee eddie 16:24 23 Oct 2006

The magic word is "Enclosure".

Still in the market for any advice available.

  ventanas 16:41 23 Oct 2006

Have a look on here click here

  UncleP 02:36 28 Oct 2006

If you're still in the market for advice:-

(a) external HD enclosures or caddies come with USB2 or firewire connexions; firewire may be a tad faster but USB2 is more universally available

(b) the cheaper models are usually smaller - in itself an advantage - but the HDs may run hotter which will reduce the lifetime of the unit.

(c) the better models will provide some mechanical isolation of the unit from the desktop, which will also improve reliability and effective lifetime

In short, buying the cheapest may prove to be a false economy!

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