External Blu-ray Drive for Laptop

  matt14451 15:32 20 May 2017


First time here, found through a PCAdvisor article. Hoping someone could help finding a way to play a Blu-ray disc on a laptop without an internal disc drive. Many thanks.

  BRYNIT 16:21 20 May 2017

Go to amazon and do a search for usb blu-ray player and you will find a selection. If you do not have a program to play Blu-ray films VLC should work for instructions CLICK HERE

  Menzie 17:37 20 May 2017

Plenty of USB drives out there, check that your laptop has a USB 3 slot available as that is what most of them are now.

Some of the most popular brands are:




Lite On


The OEM ones will be cheaper but come with no frills such as DVD playback software but freebies like VLC will take care of that.

Retail editions might include extra software for playback such as Cyberlink.

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