External 3.5" floppy wiring

  Newby 12:48 28 Feb 2009

My external malfunctioner yesterday. I found that a piece of material had "got into" the drive via a floppy. Anyway I opened the case and removed the foriegn object but unfortunately in putting it together three of the four feed wires came away from the inside. I have a very fine soldering iron and can solder successfully very small electical items. Unfortunately I'm not sure which wire goes where on the small oblong connection plate. Can someone help me please? I know it is kind of silly - but I hate waste and, if I can repair it I will. Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 28 Feb 2009

On my IBM Ex Floppy the 4 wires from the USB lead go onto the board via a plug and socket

Black (neg / ground)
Green (data +)
White (data -)
Red (+5v)

  woodchip 14:22 28 Feb 2009

Yes but which orientation from which end

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:28 28 Feb 2009

Waiting to find out if these are the wires he's interested in.

If one still attached we can then work out which way round on his machine.

  Newby 16:18 28 Feb 2009

FruitBat/\0/\ and Woodchip, Thanks guys. Imagine the floppy with it's cover off. With the cables from the centre pointing north. On the "connector pad" the red cable is south east, the green north east. I think the black could be north west and the white south west. Does that sound right to you? This floppy does not have a separate plug into the body. If I remember correctly I bought it from PC World. (Not a complaint, just a statement).I feel sure that if i can get the orientation right I can get it working. Awaiting your response! Cheers! - and thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 28 Feb 2009

Are there any markings on the pad?

Can you post a photo?

  Newby 11:52 01 Mar 2009

FruitBat/\0/\ and Woodchip, Sorry, guys, I've taken one or two photos of the end connections but I cannot get the photos into this message. How do you do it? However With the cables from the centre pointing north the locations of the "solder" points aze, actually three in line horizontally with the fourth under the right hand side one. i.e. like this Black White Green With the red under the green -I THINK! If you can tell me how the heck I can put the photo in here I can send you a (fuzzy) photo. All this for a little floppy! Ah, well, we learn something every day. Cheers! - and thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:19 01 Mar 2009

go to this site and upload the photos click here

copy and paste the address (url) to here

  Newby 04:23 02 Mar 2009

FruitBat/\0/\, Hopefully this is the image of the floppy. My apologies for the quality of the photo. If you want further explanation let me know, please. Thank you very much for your valuable assistance. Newby

click here

  woodchip 14:52 02 Mar 2009

You need to set your Camera to Macro. So that its in Focus. We cannot make out the connections

  Newby 08:13 03 Mar 2009

FruitBat/\0/\ and Woodchip, I've got a link here, I'd better read up on image transfer. The first time must have been beginner's luck. cheers

<img src="click here" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/>

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