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  geedad 22:05 18 Oct 2008

I have imported several video clips from Giga Pocket 5 to Cyberlink PowerProducer Gold. I have then edited them to produce a playable DVD, and it works fine.
However, after I have saved the project , the file extension shows '.ppp' (power producer project).
Is there a program that can change the extension, say, to AVI, for example, so that I can import the edited video file to another video editing application?
To clarify, I want to voiceover the edited file. The original clips are 59 years old,black and white with no sound. Because they are family movies, with obscure relatives, I need to talk the viewers through the clips.
Powerproducer will not allow voiceover, and I have tried to place the file into another application to no avail, because of the .ppp extension.
I have tried a couple of video converters, but they do not recognise the extension.
Hence my need for an "extension converter".

  Technotiger 22:09 18 Oct 2008

I think this is what you need ... click here

  geedad 22:39 18 Oct 2008

Thanks, but I have that, and imported the project "??????????.ppp", but got "cannot recognize format" !
I should imagine that it is excellent for converting many different video formats, but cannot cope with videos edited and saved as a 'project'.........??
Have you any experience on this?
Thank you ( once again) for your swift response!

  Technotiger 23:02 18 Oct 2008

I have only converted mobile phone videos to AVI, have not done what you want to do - but I thought this one might have been the answer.

  geedad 00:20 19 Oct 2008

Thanks again, Technotiger

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:24 19 Oct 2008

A power producer project is not just a video file its a collection of files to to show the video in its cut / joined form with attached effects(if any).

Thats why you cannot convert the file extension.

The actual video files that you imported will be on your hard drive, probably in My Documents (depends on where you told PP to save them), they will have a file extemsion of mpg and just be a file with a set of numbers i.e. 1234_567890.mpg

  geedad 12:20 19 Oct 2008

Fruit Bat /\0/\
Yes, these are a group of files contained in a PowerProducer project, and you have described it better than I did in my initial posting!
The .ppp file IS saved to My Documents, but I did not know that there would also be a file extension of MPG with a set of numbers as you pointed out.
Thanks very much for your useful reply.

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