Extending USB3 from back of computer

  johnincrete 15:47 26 Sep 2014

I am looking at a desktop computer with a view to buying it, It has one USB3 slot on the back and 2 USB2 slots at the front. Often, I copy files to and from a USB stick. I have an extension lead (bought years ago) that has 3 slots at one end and a USB plug at the other. 1. If I attach the extension lead to the USB3 slot, will I still get faster USB3 at its outlets? 2. If I attach more than one device via the extension, will I still get the faster USB3

  johnincrete 16:11 26 Sep 2014

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 26 Sep 2014

No USB 3 has extra contacts you need a USB 3 extensition

  bumpkin 17:37 26 Sep 2014
  Ian in Northampton 18:15 26 Sep 2014

Also, I think I'm right in saying, to get any benefit from USB3, your USB stick would also need to be USB3. A USB2 stick won't work any faster. I may be wrong.

  rdave13 18:49 26 Sep 2014

You should have the header on the mobo, check to be sure, I'd install something like this. Neater than an extension and you get two ports.

  wee eddie 20:33 26 Sep 2014

By any chance: Is the USB3 Slot, at the back, a Card, rather than a connection to the MOBO?

  johnincrete 06:55 27 Sep 2014

Thanks for info. Wee eddie: Since I have no idea what a MOBO is, I can't answer. If you can tell me what the MOBO is then I can ask the seller

  Ian in Northampton 08:18 27 Sep 2014

johnincrete: mobo = motherboard

  wee eddie 11:57 27 Sep 2014

Back to your original Posting.

USB3 is compatible with USB2.

BUT ~ If you plug a USB2 Cable/Item into a USB3 Socket, everything that goes through that connection is at the normal USB2 Speed. Equally, if you plug a USB3 Item into a USB2 Socket, you still get USB2 Speed.

From what I understand, Keyboards and Mice do not benefit from USB3. Printers are marginal. If you are transferring a Book, the loading of the file in the Printer's memory would be quicker, but the Printer would be unlikely to be able to make use of that extra speed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:04 27 Sep 2014

Agree with above

keyboards mice printers use USB2, old usb sticks use USB2 ports

USB3 best use is for fast data transfer to USB3 devices such as new external HDDs oe USB3 memory sticks.

My WD Passport drive in a USB3 slot makes backing up disk images using Macrium very fast approx 10 minutes, old PC with USB2 took well over and hour for same size data.

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