Extending onboard Memory - Urgent please

  Muslimat79 11:53 04 Apr 2003

I have an onboard card which actually on start up reads 16MB but somebody said it could forced to 64. Could somebody please tell me how. Thanks for your help

  cherria 12:42 04 Apr 2003

PC make and model?
Motherboard make and model?
what sort of card are you talking about? Graphics, main memory?

  Paranoid Android 13:24 04 Apr 2003

'Forced' is the wrong word. Main memory (system RAM)can be expanded by adding extra memory chips to the motherboard, there are various types so care is required. Please post more details about your system if more help is needed.


  pj123 15:56 04 Apr 2003

I think what is meant is there is 16mb shared memory for the onboard graphics.

it needs to be set to show 64mb shared memory in the BIOS. Not advisable to have 64mb shared memory if the actual memory is below 256mb.

  yeratit 16:05 04 Apr 2003

I'm looking to buy top end computer, i've been out of the computer scene for several years and was wanting to know if it is better to upgrade 512mb ddr - 1024mb ddr or pay for an upgrade to amd xp200+ to xp3000+ any advice?

  yeratit 16:07 04 Apr 2003

that is xp2800+ to xp3000+

  DieSse 17:29 04 Apr 2003

See Toms tests - XP2800 beats XP3000 in some tests! P4 2.67MHz approx as fast as, and cheaper than both.

click here

  pj123 22:26 04 Apr 2003

Your Thread Title included the words "Urgent Please"

you have now had six answers but you haven't responded to any of them?

how urgent is this?

  Muslimat79 18:13 05 Apr 2003

Is not that I've not responded to any of the response. Actually, I do have less than 128MB SDRAM. I was just thinking maybe by expanding the onboard graphics which displays 16MB at startup to 64MB will actually increases the speed of my cpu in loading applications. I'm sorry if my no response is insultive. Please everyone, I'm really sorry. Thanks.

The more shared graphics memory you have the less memory you have for your applications. You would need at least 256mb SDRAM to have 64mb shared.

Leave it at 16mb shared or increase your actual memory to 256 or even 512mb SDRAM

  DieSse 11:34 06 Apr 2003

"...maybe by expanding the onboard graphics which displays 16MB at startup to 64MB will actually increases the speed of my cpu in loading applications".

No, it won't make any difference - in fact it may make it slower, as you will have less conventional RAM available.

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