Extending Drive C

  Robbinthres 15:45 11 Mar 2005

I'm running XP SP2 on a 120 gb drive which I partioned based on the amount of space used for programmes on my old drive when it failed after about 3 years. I can see now that it needs extending or reformatting is something like Partition Magic the best way to achieve this. I'm still using the windows version that came with machine with updates is there a case for obtaining a new version or is the original version better to the system.

  quack 15:59 11 Mar 2005

Fdisk from bootup disk remove all partitions and then set one FAT32 partition. Format the drive and reload XP from scratch. At least you will have a new installation free of any rubbish.

  Robbinthres 22:19 11 Mar 2005

Thanks for the tip quack but having looked into Fdisk the advice seems pretty clear.

  FelixTCat 22:27 11 Mar 2005

XP SP2 is the latest version. You don't say how your existing drive is partitioned or which partitions are running out of space.

If your disk is getting pretty full overall, you might be advised to get another hard drive to accept the overflow. Otherwise, Partition Magic can change the existing partitions to reallocate the space.

  Robbinthres 00:30 12 Mar 2005

Its 10 / 110 the problem is not space just space in partion c.

  FelixTCat 08:49 12 Mar 2005

Use Partition Magic and make your C: drive bigger.

What I would recommend is that you consider making separate partitions for system, programs and data - particularly data. Then, if XP gets into a complete knot on its partition, your data is relatively safe on another partition. It also makes backing up easier.

You could also consider a further 1 GB partition solely for the virtual memory (swap file). That would ensure that it doesn't become fragmented.

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