Extending BT HomeHub router range with AP

  tony910 22:40 18 Nov 2006

I've just subscribed to BT Total Broadband with the fancy BT HomeHub router etc and an 8mb connection. Whilst ordering this in itself has aged me 10 years my problem is that amongst other things, the range of the router is terrible. Rather than 'not putting it next to a wall' (thanks BT support!!!), I do have a perfectly good netgear DG834GT wireless router. My question is : Is it possible to set the netgear adsl modem up as an access point to extend the range of hte BT routre and if so, how. I can't find any information on how to do this and Lord knows I've tried. Any expert help would be incredibly appreciated.

Thanks - Tony910

  dms05 16:22 19 Nov 2006

Have you tried changing the WiFi channel used by the BT kit. Try them all (1 thro 11). Sometimes you get interference from other electrical equipment (cordless DECT phones, Microwave Ovens) so also try moving the BT Hub around a bit. Or even nearby WiFi.

You could attach a proper Access Point to the BT Hub, simply use an Ethernet cable between the connectors on both units, then set up the AP.

But I'd try making your BT kit work first.

  dms05 16:28 19 Nov 2006

You could also try running Netstumbler - it will help you see other WiFi near by click here

  tony910 18:13 20 Nov 2006

Thanks dms05. Changing channel doesn't seem to have improved anything much. I was hoping to see if I could wirelessly connect an AP as then I can put it in another part of the house where the signal is weak. Also, can a netgear DG834GT be used as a wireless AP?

  Ashrich 21:28 20 Nov 2006

See if BOTH can use WDS ( wireless distribution system )


  gudda96 16:52 04 Dec 2006


I am glad to join this discussion as I have similar problem.

I am an experienced desktop user and I have BT BB basic and it works fine and has done for a while.My desktop is situated in an upstairs bedroom which I use as an office.

I recently bought a laptop, the idea being I could take it downstairs to work on at night so I decided to buy a router. I bought one from PCWorld for £50ish but I did not open it as I had not bought LT yet.

I then bought my LT from john lewis and the guy who served me knew quite a lot about pc's so when he told me I would be better off with a BT Home Hub, I took him at his word and I returned the one to PCW and got my money back.

I now use my BT hub and it works when I take LT downstairs but the signal becomes weak. I got onto bt help where you have a 1 x 1 type conversation and he took me down the route of changing channels to no avail.

I have just spoken to J.Lewis backup and he said BT hub is useless in comparison to netgear etc so I am going to try and get my money back.

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