extend wifi range

  wybs544 10:11 15 Jan 2010

Hi, I have a wireless router which is a Netgear WNR2000. I am using it in a large house with thick walls and am getting poor or zero reception in some parts of the house. Any suggestions as to how I could increase the range? Many thanks

  oldbeefer2 11:26 15 Jan 2010

Best bet is probably Homeplugs (assuming all floors are on the same ring main).click here

  Marko797 11:34 16 Jan 2010

I had a similar problem last year with little or no wifi signal, continual drop-offs, in certain parts of the house, and purchased a devolo wifi extender kit.

One end plugs into mains skt upstairs (in my particular case) near the main desktop which is hard wired to the router (they provide a very long cable, which is useful), and the other end (with an aerial) plugs into a mains skt anywhere else in the house. It's superb, works very well, although a bit pricey (c.£125). Google devolo wifi extender.

  Marko797 11:40 16 Jan 2010

this is at amazon click here but u could do a more thorough search. I suspect it will be the starter kit which u will need. Very easy to set up. My wife did ours and she has no tech ability at all!

  wybs544 12:16 16 Jan 2010

Hi Guys

many thanks for the reply's. I'll check these out and see if that helps. Cheers

  User-1229748 13:26 16 Jan 2010

what adapter has the pc got that you are trying to connect with?the wireless n router that i was using would only connect at a higher speed on channel 6 or 11.whether that would give you a better reception i don't know but is worth a try.is the adapter in your computer a wireless n adapter?

  wybs544 12:30 21 Jan 2010

I am going to try the plugs - many thanks for all your replies

  borg1132 04:04 14 Feb 2010

Check this out
click here
You can connect to networks miles away like this!

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