Extend broadband coverage by using the mains network

  manrow 07:18 09 Feb 2013

Is this the best way to share broadband coverage around thee house? At least this avoids cables trailing around the house. Is the reception close to each socket likely to be the same as near the central router? Help please, before I spend my money and then find it doesn't work as advertised!

  difarn 07:39 09 Feb 2013

I know many people who use these home plugs and they work very well. If you opt for plugs with ethernet connections then there should not be any discernible difference in speed that you get from connecting directly to the router. Wifi connections usually are slower even when they are from the main router so you will more than likely have a reduced speed if you opt for these. Try and get home plugs with mains through sockets so you still have a power point available to use after you have plugged them in. Remember that they are portable too so you can physically move them around to different points in the house.

I have not used these myself so cannot personally recommend a specific brand but no doubt you will get some recommendations from other posters.

  wiz-king 08:39 09 Feb 2013

You can also get some of the 'homeplugs' that have wireless capability if you want it for laptops.

  tigertop2 00:40 20 Feb 2013

I have used a number of types of Power plugs. I am currently using mainly 'Devolo' as these are simple plug and play. They work without any problems and I move them around the house depending on the need. remember that the slowest rated one will determine the speed of all the others. I use only 500MBps ratede plugs so that is not a problem

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