funkey_monkey 23:36 14 Jan 2010


I'm looking to purchase an Express Card 54 wireless card. Where would be the best place to purchase such a device as I'm having difficulty locating one.


  mgmcc 08:56 15 Jan 2010

This any use? click here It is 802.11n but that shouldn't present a problem connecting to 802.11g (54Mbps) networks.

  dms_05 15:41 15 Jan 2010

Or a true card for a laptop click here Decent price as well.

  funkey_monkey 23:54 15 Jan 2010

Hi thanks for the replies, but sorry, it must have a shape similar to the item in the below link:
click here

  funkey_monkey 00:00 16 Jan 2010

Otherwise can you recommend a USB type? My preference is the card as there is little change of it getting broke - unlike the USB type.


  blink2gb 02:26 16 Jan 2010
  dms_05 17:48 16 Jan 2010

I think you are misunderstanding the Express Card standard. The one I linked to above does fir, it only uses the left 34 pins of the slot. Most Express Cards are like this, the wider slot is for the extreley rare cases where 54 pins are used. I have various Express cards for my laptop that are 34 pin, fit the left set of 34 pins even though the slot width will take the wider card. click here

  funkey_monkey 23:20 19 Jan 2010

So how do you secure the 32mm card in place? It will only be supported by the LHS of the slot and the pin connector. It will be possible to twist the card towards the RHS, yes?

Why would you want to use a 32mm card over the 54mm card? The 54mm card is the correct fit for the slot.

  dms_05 09:39 20 Jan 2010

It's the way it works. It's a dual 34/54mm slot. I'm currently using this click here in my laptop. It's a 34mm ExpressCard and fits snuggly in the left hand part of the slot. I've never even seen a 54mm WiFi Expresscard. Either you accept the technology or you find another way.

I bought my Belkin Express Card for £7.90 delivered, so forget all the high prices you will see elsewhere click here

  funkey_monkey 12:00 14 Feb 2010

Cheers dms_05 I've bought one of those and it is working well now.


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