Expose yourself

  spikeychris 23:34 09 Apr 2004

Been three weeks and seeing as PCA grows faster than my overdraft heres another opportunity. click here and send me your picture, you don't have to look like a Hollywood actor (see other 100 pics)

As per, Mr Ed will close the thread after the weekend but seeing as this is a special one, you have till Monday night.

Someone freshen it up time to time......


  Sapins 23:49 09 Apr 2004

I'm curious, why do you want to do this, and how do you get away with non computer related posts?

  hugh-265156 23:54 09 Apr 2004

spikey has put a lot of effort into his site so i say fair play to him.

nobodys forcing you to send a pic Sapins

its just a bit of fun,lighten up :-)

  leo49 23:56 09 Apr 2004

"Why not?" and "very easily" - any more questions?

  Sapins 23:59 09 Apr 2004

I'm not darkened;-)

  dazzling (work) 00:00 10 Apr 2004

chris have you got room for 137,000 photos on your site? might send you mine if i can find one where idont look like a gonk.darren

  hugh-265156 00:05 10 Apr 2004


my apologies if i seemed a bit rude.no offence intended.

  Djohn 00:09 10 Apr 2004

Hi Sapins. It's not computer related in the sense of a help forum simply because this forum [PCA] is the best for receiving help on PC related problems.

Apart from helping out with member posted logs, people will be directed to this forum for all help and advice on all PC problems. It's more of a place where PCA members can log in and have a chat about anything they want to, preferably not PC related.

PCA used to have it's own forum similar to this, [The Lounge] where members could chat and debate on pretty much any subject, this no longer exist and Spikey is trying to provide a similar sort of forum.

Why not pop in and leave a message or have a chat with anyone of the PCA members there. You will be most welcome. j.

  Sapins 00:11 10 Apr 2004

Non taken, i'ts always difficult to express exactly how you feel in words. I really am curious as to the motive though.



  Sapins 00:15 10 Apr 2004

Hi Djohn, I had not realised you could "pop in " to spikeychris's site, that is very interesting and I may well visit.

  Sapins 00:21 10 Apr 2004

Just looked over the site, not at all what I expected, much, much better.

It is indeed worth all your efforts spikeychris.

Regards to all,


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