exporting wordpro documents to word

  dobbin 19:32 12 Feb 2003

I am running lotus word pro from smartsuite 9.7 in Windows xp but am unable to save any documents created with this version as word documents. However I can save older word pro documents created in smartsuite 97 as word documents without any problem. Has anyone any suggestions?

  Wak 20:01 12 Feb 2003

Hi Dobbin, If you are in Lotus Word Pro and you go to FILE/ SAVE AS, do you get a drop down menu so that you can choose to save the file as MS Word.DOC files or any other of the extensions listed???
If you don't get the choice, then I think you have to insert your Lotus CD disc and add the alternatives and mods as required.

  Wak 20:03 12 Feb 2003

PS. Have you just upgraded to XP??

  dobbin 08:11 13 Feb 2003

Wak, I get the drop down box and choose 'save as' word doc but then when I click 'save' the whole programme just crashes. However if I do it on old documents, [which were created on a version of wordpro in Smartsuite 97] which I have since transferred to this computer they convert without any problem.

This is a new computer which came equipped with
windows xp so its not an upgrade.

Any suggestions?

  Wak 13:58 13 Feb 2003

Hi Dobbin, It sounds to me as if there is something in the formatting of the older documents (ex win98) which is not included in the newer documents when Lotus 97 is used in XP even though it is the same Lotus program.
It's possible that Lotus 97 is not fully suitable for XP.
Have you been to the Lotus web site and enquired??
There may be an upgrade available.

  dobbin 14:59 13 Feb 2003

Hi Wak,

The older documents convert perfectly in window xp although they were created in win 98. Its the new documents created in win xp and with the latest version of wordpro that do not convert. Its quite the opposite to what you would expect.

I have trawled the lotus web site, its crap, and does not even provide an email address to send problems to. I phoned Mesh who supplied the current version with the computer and even at 50p per minute could not provide a solution, so I am relying on one of you out there to come up with something

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