Exporting MS Word 2003 accent settings

  [DELETED] 11:55 11 Feb 2006

I teach French and Spanish and I often need to type in those languages. On my home machine I have set up the keyboard to type accents. For example CTRL + ALT + Q is an upside down question mark. I use 2 machines in different locations at school. Can I export a file from Word so that those machines have the same settings? They have identical versions of Word 2003 on them.

Thanks in advance for any help


  Diemmess 12:25 11 Feb 2006

Just guessing I admit, but similarly modifying the other two computers may be the only way to avoid upsetting others who using them for standard English.

I notice when re-installing or modifying Word 2000 there are options to include other languages, but never having tried it switching from one language to another might be difficult.

I imagine it is possible to open documents copied from your own and find your character mods there. Perhaps not, but certainly editing them would fall apart!

  [DELETED] 12:57 11 Feb 2006

Only I use the computers so modifying them is not a problem

  [DELETED] 13:00 11 Feb 2006

I think that these settings are stored in normal.dot which is a hidden file. By default, the Search companion does not search for hidden files.

To search for hidden or system files in Windows XP:

Click Start, click Search, click All files and folders, and then click More advanced options.

Click to select the Search hidden files and folders check boxes.

Search for normal.dot and copy it. Use the same procedure to find normal.dot on the other computers and replace with the copy from your PC.

  [DELETED] 15:08 11 Feb 2006

Thanks. I'll give it a try

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