exporting emails and folders to new p.c.

  Kingfisher 15:15 06 May 2004

Can anyone help I wish to transfer all my emails and folders from my old win 98 se p.c. with floppy drive only to new p.c. running xp with floppy drive rewriter drive etc.
many thanks

  scotty 15:25 06 May 2004

If a floppy is the only method of transfer (i.e the old pc does not have a network connection, CD writer etc), you may be better taking the hard drive from the old pc and connecting it into the new pc.

How much data needs to be transferred?

What program do you use for e-mail?

  Kingfisher 19:24 06 May 2004

sorry scotty didnt give much info did I

both p.c's are using outllok express no more than 100 text emails and about six folders in total

  scotty 08:30 07 May 2004

Outlook express saves messages in .dbx files. Do a search for Inbox.dbx on the hard drive to find the location of these files. There will be a file for each of the folders. From your description these may be small enough to put on floppy discs.

  Kingfisher 16:16 07 May 2004

further to my posting on 6th May I have copied my *.dbx files from my old p.c. onto floppy but cant seem to find what folder to put them in on my new p.c. as I cant find any *.dbx files on my new p.c. even though I have loads of emails on my new p.c.

Old p.c is win 98se outlook express
new p.c.is xp home edition outlook express
can anyone help

  Stuartli 17:11 07 May 2004

Outlook Express's Help has full details of how to import/export address book etc files.

  scotty 08:38 10 May 2004

I am not familiar with XP, but in Win2000 the *.dbx files are saved deep under the documents and settings directory. I am surprised that a search for *.dbx found nothing.

The new pc is definitely using Ouitlook Express, not Outlook? Outlook uses *.pst files to store information.

Sorry if this is not much help but at least it pushes the thread back to the top!

  Stuartli 10:46 10 May 2004

This should help:

click here

  Kingfisher 18:03 10 May 2004

Thanks to all who replied to my thread will give it a try

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