Exporting a distribution list from Outlook 2007 to hotmail

  staples printer cartridge 21:31 19 Jul 2012

I am trying to do this for my mother in law remotely and it is driving me mad.

She has a distribution list with about 100 email addresses in it in Outlook 2007. Her new computer does not have Outlook so she wants to export the list and import it into Hotmail.

Can it be done?

I have tried to export her contacts as a csv file adn then tried to import file into hotmail but hotmail keeps telling me the file is empty. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  Woolwell 22:24 19 Jul 2012
  staples printer cartridge 08:11 20 Jul 2012

Looked interesting but on hotmail today there does not seem to be a step 3. There is no Options on the contacts page and no import contacts wizard.

Am I missing something?

  Woolwell 09:40 20 Jul 2012

I think that those instructions are for Windows Live Hotmail which is an email client. Is she using webmail?

  staples printer cartridge 10:18 20 Jul 2012

Oh, I didn't realise there is a difference - we both use Oultlook for our hotmail accounts and if that is not available we go to www.hotmail.com - will dig around to see how to get Live Hotmail Thanks

  Woolwell 10:21 20 Jul 2012

Windows Live Mail and Live Hotmail are essentially the same. Is there a reason that Outlook cannot be transferred to the new computer?

  Woolwell 10:22 20 Jul 2012

Just had a thought - did you mean Outlook not Outlook Express?

  Woolwell 10:22 20 Jul 2012

Must read posts more - It is outlook 2007.

  staples printer cartridge 10:24 20 Jul 2012

Outlook, as far as I know, came with the computer she bought so can't transfer it. She is very vague and it is difficult to find out exactly remotely.

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