Exporting contacts from OE to Google

  stlucia2 08:40 07 Sep 2014

I want to transfer all my contacts data from Outlook Express on my to Google, for use with my smartphone. I've done it by exporting as a text file (csv format) from OE, and then importing into Google.

But there's one problem: All the regular phone numbers which start with "0" have the "0" missing, and all international numbers which start with "+" have the "+" missing, and a couple of them have come over in scientific format. This change occurs at the export stage, for I can see it when I use a text reader to look at the raw .csv file.

Other than going through the whole file manually and adding the 0s and +s, is there any automatic way of making it transfer the data properly?

  stlucia2 08:43 07 Sep 2014

Sorry, the first line should read, "... from Outlook Express on my PC to Google ..."

  Woolwell 12:52 07 Sep 2014

I don't think that there is an automatic way. CSV files are often easier to read in a spreadsheet. The scientific numbers may change in a spreadsheet if you widen the column.

  stlucia2 13:21 07 Sep 2014

Thanks Woolwell. That's the conclusion I came to after checking the web for a while.

I've read the .csv file in Exel as well, and the scientific numbers don't change even though the column's wide enough. The formatting is obviously done during the export from OE.

Actually, I've been going through the imported file in Gmail on my PC, and it's not too much trouble to correct the numbers there before I sync my phone and tablet. The missing zeros are easy, but I have to check back in OE for the scientific numbers because of the way they've rounded them.

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