Export from UK... How to get vat return?

  siliconbits 19:50 24 Aug 2003

Just a question... I want to send s/thing from UK to a non EU country? I've bought it vat included, now. Is there any means of obtaining (legally) the VAT back on it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:53 24 Aug 2003

You need to obtain form 435....but there are lots of restrictions and you may have to go through an agent. Unless the purchase cost oodles of moolah it is not worth the aggro. It is inadvisable to export firearms, missiles or Bolivian flu relief powder ;-)))))))


  siliconbits 20:58 24 Aug 2003

No, it is hardware, three DVD Writer NEC... Worth Pds 240+vat all three. VAt is ~ PDs 50... Might be a small sum but still two months of broadband...

  Jester2K II 21:01 24 Aug 2003

Are you doing this as part of a business deal or personally?

If personally then the sort answer is No. VAT can only be claimed back by VAT registered businesses. This is because (if i understand it correctly) you bought it for personal use and then sold the item on. Regardless of the fact you may never have used it, or ever intended to use it, you didn't buy it through a company and trade it. It was a personal purchase and therefore fully liable to VAT. What you do with it after is up to you but it doesn't mean you can claim the VAT back as you didn't trade it through a VAT registered company.

If though a business then add it to your normal VAT return.

The nice people at H M Customs and Excise have loads of info on VAT click here

  siliconbits 21:33 24 Aug 2003

I was thinking abt a special arrangement with the said company... Don't know if it is "legal" though I don't see why it is illegal...

  john-232317 22:52 24 Aug 2003

If they were bought in England, and your shipping them out ,you can bet your life that they could be bought cheaper at their destination, like most UK stuff.

  Forum Editor 00:16 25 Aug 2003

on personal exports, provided you are resident outside the UK. You don't have to be a registered business to do this.

Otherwise VAT may only be claimed as an input tax by a VAT registered business (or individual). If you are selling the items on, and you are registered for VAT you must charge VAT on the sale - regardless of the destination. If you are not VAT registered you don't have to charge VAT on the sale, but the purchaser may have to pay a local customs duty before being allowed to take possession of the package.

  Jester2K II 20:46 26 Aug 2003

See - i stande corrected again.

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