Export Outlook Folders

  griffo 10:23 04 Oct 2005

an anyone please tell me how I can export email folders from Outlook 2003 (using XP Pro) into other files/folders outside of Outlook? I realise there is an export function but I don't know how to drive it!

  scotty 10:32 04 Oct 2005

From the export function select "export to a file" then on the next screen select "Personal Folder File .pst" The rest of the on screen instructions are fairly easy to follow but read them carefully as there are some options (such as include sub-folders) which you need to select.

What exactly are you trying to do? Are you creating copies of the folders for back-up or are you transfering to another computer?

  griffo 10:57 04 Oct 2005

thanks for the reply. When I receive (and send) a number of emails to one person or on one topic, I need to store that correspondence in another folder elswhere on my PC/Network. It will be going into a Folder that is using MS Word.

  scotty 12:15 04 Oct 2005

Firstly, it is easy to setup sub-folders in Outlook to allow you to organise your e-mails. Select a folder (e.g. Inbox) then goto File\New\Folder and rename the newly created folder with a meaningful name.

However, I suspect this is not what you need. I think you want to save the e-mails as text files which can be read using Word. If you export to a file using the option Tab Separated Values you will get a file which can be opened in Word and is readable but all the e-mails are in the one file.

Perhaps someone else knows of a better method of doing this.

  griffo 13:17 04 Oct 2005

thanks. Tried that and, as you say, it puts all the emails into one. It'll do at a push but it's not ideal.

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