export/ import mail messages Outlook Express 6?

  [DELETED] 17:09 21 Dec 2003

Anyone tell me how to do this simple (?) task, please? Address book - yes - accounts, easy peasy- messages derrh.....

  BurrWalnut 19:36 21 Dec 2003

You can only export them to another Microsoft application.

If you want to make a backup of them, I suggest you firstly, move them to an easier location. Create a folder in the root drive, say C:\My Mail, go to OE, Tools, Options, Maintenance Tab and on the store folder point it to C:\My Mail. Close OE and the files will be moved.

Go to C:\My Mail and right click Inbox and save it somewhere else (CD-R, Memory Key), repeat this for Sent Items and any other private mail boxes you have.

  [DELETED] 19:40 21 Dec 2003

Burr Walnut - yes, I want to export them from outlook Express on one computer to Outlook Express on another computer. I can save the messages as txt or eml, but I can't then get them back into outlook Express on my new computer. I was hoping there was a way - the export function will only export to Microsoft Outlook, not Outlook Express. Thanks for help

  BurrWalnut 19:47 21 Dec 2003

Well, right click and save the ones you want, to floppy or whatever else you're using. On the other PC just copy them in. You will get the usual message "Overwrite a dated x with b dated y".

  beeuuem 20:27 21 Dec 2003

From click here
Backup Outlook Express E-mail Messages

Step 1 :
Open Outlook Express.
Click on the TOOLS Menu and select OPTIONS
Click the MAINTENANCE Tab and then click on Store Folder
You now see the location of your Mail Folder.
Highlite the Folder Location and press CTRL+C to copy the location.
Click Cancel and then Cancel again to close all boxes.
Click the Windows Start button and the click Run. In the open box press CTRL+V to paste the mail location, then click OK.
You should now have a window containing you e-mail database files.
From the EDIT Menu, click Select All. Edit Menu click COPY. Now close the window.
Right click your desktop, click NEW and then FOLDER.
Type a name for the folder and hit ENTER.
Double click the Folder you just created to open it. From the EDIT Menu select PASTE. Close the window.
You can save this folder to floppy/CD to transfer it to your new computer

Backup Complete

Step 2 :

Restore Backed up E-Mail Messages
Open Outlook Express, File - Import - Messages . Select Microsoft Outlook Express Version 5 or 6. Click Next.
Then select "import from a OE6 Store Directory". Click OK, then browse to the folder you created earlier, click next, the rest is up to you which folders you wish to import.

Bear in mind when you import the file it will overwrite the existing file and you will lose any existing mail in the store you import to. While this is what you want in this case be aware of this for future imports.

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