Explorer/My Network Places Not all drives seen

  compumac 10:51 16 Sep 2009

I have four PC’s all connected through a BT Home Hub. I have enabled drive sharing for certain drives/partitions between them all.
If I go into Explorer/My Network Places/Search for computers each PC finds the other three. No problem I can transfer files from one to the other

But, if I just use Explorer/My Network places shown under heading “The Internet”
PC1 can see the other Three (PC2,PC3 & PC4)
PC2 can see PC3 & PC4 (cannot see PC1)
PC3 can see PC2 & PC4 (cannot see PC1)
PC4 can see PC2 & PC3 (cannot see PC1)
I prefer to just use Explorer/My Network places and to see ALL drives and open their folders.
What is set up incorrectly?
PC1 only joined the club recently - is there a clue there?

  nob14 14:05 16 Sep 2009

why not just use my network.

  compumac 14:45 16 Sep 2009

Yes I can just use My Network, but there must be a reason/cause for the difference, and I feel a need to know why this is so.

  BurrWalnut 15:11 16 Sep 2009

It could be that a shortcut has been deleted from the display. Go to My Network Places and in the left pane click View workgroup computers. If the computer is there, are the folders showing when it is expanded? If so, open another instance of My Network Places and drag the missing shortcut(s) to it.

  compumac 16:03 16 Sep 2009

I knew there was a solution. Thanks for that, Your suggestion has put it to the way I wanted it.
Whereas the situation is resolved I am curious to know how it would come about, as I am quite sure that the short cuts cannot have been deleted as the same scenario was on three separate PC's. I feel sure that the answer is in the late arrival of PC1, and the shortcuts could not have been there to delete.
If there are any suggestions as to the cause I would appreciate any thoughts on same purely to satisfy my curiousity.

  BurrWalnut 18:19 16 Sep 2009

I don’t think it’s a chronological issue as I’ve had it happen to me on an XP machine not recognising both a Vista and Windows 7 machines. The Windows 7 installation would, of course, have been the latest to be added.

Windows 98 and XP have always been slow in displaying the shares and I have a feeling I either closed the network display before all the machines/folders were showing or clicked on one too soon.

The good thing about Windows 7 is that network recognition is almost instantaneous but I cannot drop the old XP machine just yet.

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