explorer.exe infection any ideas?

  blueboy2uk 18:35 04 Jan 2008

hi there my computer has slowed up a lot the last few days i checked the task manager and my cpu useage is showing 100% there is a item explorer.exe useing a lot and i also noticed further down the list i also have iexplore.exe both are running at the same time? , all the time my cpu useage is at 100% i googled it and there are many posts about it , if someone knows can they explaine to me how to solve the problem, or where to go to download something to remove the offending nasty, i need it to be simple as ihave limited experiance on computers.


  MAJ 19:44 04 Jan 2008

Run scans with your antivirus software and your anti-spyware programs. Try SuperAntiSpyware click here and Adaware click here

  mfletch 19:55 04 Jan 2008

Also do the scans in safe mode,

That is repeat pressing of the F8 key on a restart

Then use the up and down arrows to get to safe mode then press enter

This will stop a lot of unnecessary programs running and help with the scans,


  Gongoozler 20:04 04 Jan 2008

As long as explorer.exe is running from C:\Windows., it's really the core of the Windows system, and so it's likely to be the main user of CPU power. If the computer is running slowly, try downloading A-squared click here, and see if it can detect any malware. Another thing you can try is disabling all non-Microsoft services. Start - Run , type in msconfig and click "OK". In the System Configuration Utility click on the Services tab, tick the box for "Hide All Microsoft Services". Disable all the other services, and OK out of the System Configuration Utility. restart your computer and see if it runs any faster. Beware, you are now running without any protection. If the computer is now running at normal speed, go back into the System Configuration Utility and re-enable a few of the services. Keep doing this until you find the program responsible.

  blueboy2uk 13:14 05 Jan 2008

i have ASquare running now, when i first looked online about this problem on google there was a lot of listings about the subject quite a few suggestions and advice on how to remove it manualy is this a option i should try, or has anybody any suggestions of other programms that might work ? and advice is very welcom.

thanks folks

  birdface 14:01 05 Jan 2008

You can go to Start. Search and Just type in Explorer.exe and see if any of them look a bit strange.

  blueboy2uk 22:02 05 Jan 2008

i have tried all the above to no avail ,i think this one is a bit tricky seems to not be uncommon
and getting worse all the time cpu useage is 100%
all the time and there is no way i can chance doing internet banking till i am sure its fixed any other ideas?


  p;3 22:13 05 Jan 2008

try running an on line scan from click here

if that fails to find awt and the computer is still at risk you may wish to go to either

click here


click here
and get the computer thoroughly checked out

  blueboy2uk 00:34 06 Jan 2008

just made a few observations might help from task manager

in safe mode explorer.exe 14,920k but no ieexplorer.exe on list when i open internet explorer ie,explorer appears on list and runs at 14,920k [email protected] 0 - 2%

normal start up but with internet explorer not open expolorer.exe 27,744k [email protected] [email protected]%

normal startup with internet explorer open
ie.explorer.exe 63,200l explorer.exe 28,950k
and cpu at 100% and stays ant 100% untill i restart it .

dont know if the above is of any help at all but this is getting me stressed the joys of computing
seems going from one problem to another,


  birdface 10:15 06 Jan 2008

Maybe you just the wrong spelling.But this is what comes up for it. click here

  rdave13 12:16 06 Jan 2008

There's a thirty day trial of security task manager that shows info on programs and processes.
It might help; click here

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