explorer.exe appears at shutdown..help please.

  bof:) 00:54 15 Oct 2004

Hi All,

Thanks to your help my neighbours PC is now up and running with a new HD and XP pro running on it.

The slight problem she has now is that on shutdown she gets a message saying 'explorer.exe is not shutting down'. Then she gets a blue bar slowly going from left to right counting down.

When the bar is full sometimes XP closes other times it doesnt.

In task manager (when not closing down) it says explorer.exe not responding.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

many thanks,


  Djohn 01:12 15 Oct 2004

Have you run a scan for any virus or Trojans that may be on the system? I think you already know about AVG - Adaware - spybot etc but try Stinger from here. click here

  bof:) 23:25 17 Oct 2004

Thanks djohn. The pc has Nortons works updated running on it and we have done a full virus check with it. We have also used a2 and adaware. I'll download the stinger and give it a try.


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