weatherstation 16:19 07 Feb 2012

Intermittent Explorer.exe Problems in Windows 7 Hi everybody. I think I may have had a Malware problem to start with, as my computer suddenly shut down and restarted again for no reason. My Kaspersky security was disabled also. Now I’m having major problems with Windows start up, all I get is a black screen with the curser showing and if my computer manages to start up the desktop lock’s up and I can’t access my programs. A re-start sometimes works and if it does, everything works OK, for the next couple of days, and then I’m back to my problems again. Below is what I have tried to resolve my problem:- I ran a Malware deep scan on all drives and apart from a few adware problems. Everything was OK I ran chkdsk /f on all drives. No problems I ran sfc scan again no problems I ran a virus check on all drives, again no problems I tried update my Display Adapter driver, but I had the latest version installed I started Task Manager and started a New Task. Then ran regedit.exe and selected WinLogon key, then clicked Shell to see if the Shell Value was explorer.exe. I even double clicked the shell and retyped explorer.exe in again in case it was corrupted. But this has made no difference. I’m still having problems. I have also run a Microsoft scan, but again, no problems showed up. Unfortunately, I do not have any restore points prior to my problems starting. I do have a C drive backup, but it’s a bit out of date. So can anybody help please, before I format my computer and start all over again?

Thanks WS

  birdface 16:49 07 Feb 2012

Did event viewer show what the problem was.

No exclamation marks in Device Manager.

Overheating maybe need cleaning inside.

Memory problem maybe,

Run the Windows memory diagnostic tool.Just click start and type memory into the box and when it shows just click on it and follow directions.

Or type problems into the same box and see what repairs it offers.

  weatherstation 20:09 07 Feb 2012

Hi Buteman Thanks for you suggestions. I've never used the event viewer before. Don't ask me why. There was a lot of information there, most of it I did not really understand. But I could not see anything that looked like a problem. Device manager was fine. I forgot to say I had checked that. I check my vents and fan on a frequent basis, so I think overheating is not the problem. Checked memory. That was all OK. I've done several trouble shooting options. Again all clear. Thanks for your help. WS

  birdface 20:57 07 Feb 2012

I had the same sort of bother and found out from event viewer that the cd rom drivers were not being loaded at start up and that was my problem.

I managed to get a fix for it from one of the other forum members.

[Malware deep scan] Which anti malware program did you use.

If using I/E try Tools.Internet Options.Connections.Lan settings.And make sure automatic connection is ticked.Underneath that should be empty so if anything ticked untick it.A While since I used I/E so not sure of the actual wording for that bit at the bottom.

Does it work Ok in safe mode.and have you tried System repair while in there.

  weatherstation 14:45 08 Feb 2012

Hi buteman, Thanks for your help. I used Malwarebytes for my deep scan. It seems to be the best one around. I don't use I/E. I use Safari or Firefox. Problem happens with both. I have tried Repair Your Computer (F8) etc. All to no avail. I have not tried running in safe mode, because if I restart the computer when I have the problem, it seems to boot OK. But at this stage, I'm ready to give anything ago. The problem is so intermittent that's why I'm having trouble pinning the fault down. Like today, the computer booted correctly and at the moment, (Touch Wood) everything is working OK. Much appreciate your helpful suggestions. WS

  birdface 22:02 08 Feb 2012

If it is running Ok just now I would make a restore point so that you can get back to it if things go wrong again.

If it goes wrong again maybe remove Kaspersky completely using the proper removal tool then reinstall it again and see if that helps.

I can't think of anything else that you have not tried yet.Maybe someone will come up with a few more ideas.

Like yourself I know not a lot about event viewer,I just switch it on and click on Administrative Events and see what problems it shows.You can double click on each one in turn to see what the problem is.

Trying to fix them is a no go for me far to complicated but at least you can find out what the problems are.I only found out what my problem was by looking at them every time I got a bad start up and it was the Not loading CD Rom drivers that was causing my problem.

Apart from that I stay well clear of event viewer but worth a look if having problems.

If getting further problems you could go into command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on the keyboard.it should tell you that the DNS Cache has been flushed and it may help but will not do any harm if it doesn't.

  weatherstation 15:39 09 Feb 2012

Hi buteman, Thanks again for your help. I looked at Administrative Events and there were over 7000 errors in a year. I looked at the most recent and there was nothing that stood out like your CD Rom drivers. I will take your advice and stay well clear from event viewer. I think if I started to mess with that I would have more troubles than I could shake a stick at. I just had a look at the event viewer on my laptop which works fine and there were over 6000 errors on that. It's a wonder that Windows works at all. I have made a System restore point, so at least I can get back to where everything was OK. I will do a DNS Cache flush on the off chance it might help. I'm not sure I want to put Kaspersky back on, as Security Essentials seems to be working just fine. One again, many thanks for your help. It is much appreciated. WS

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