rob3600 00:12 14 Nov 2007

Error messages

Am fairly new to using forums and first posted this in the wrong one :-( so I am now hoping that someone will be able to help me, but I am getting the following error message 'explorer.exe' and it is really bugging me, I have down loaded a reg fix and a spyware but neither get get rid of it, as well as saying explorer.exe I also get a string a numbers which change evry time but rotate around about three sets (not got them as currently at work) PLEASE can someone help me before I throw the computer through the window.

  p;3 00:25 14 Nov 2007

I think a bit more information might help; are you on XP and is system restore enabled?

when do you get this specific error message?

and what antivirus and other protection do you have on the computer? lets start with that and see where that leads for those who may be able to help you

  rob3600 00:34 14 Nov 2007

As am am new to fourms hopefull this is the right way to add more information to my problem, I am running Windows XP home edition SP2. With Norton antivirus. I downloaded rescuecue (think thats spelt right) and also True Sword Four in an attempt to solve this issue. Yes my system is system restore enabled having said that however sometimes it cannot restore to a point I choose.

  pac73 01:42 14 Nov 2007

Ive never heard of those programs you mention.
If i were u id go to here.click here

And go to the antispyware section and download and install..AdAware 2007,AVG Antispyware,Spybot s+d,and SpywareBlaster..There all free and highly recommended.You could also try.click here.

Update them all and do full scans,let us know what they find.Spyareblaster does,nt scan,but it stops spyware from installing itself on your pc.

  pac73 01:46 14 Nov 2007

Is this the program that you,ve got?.click here

Does,nt get good reviews here.

  rob3600 01:53 14 Nov 2007

No it is not a programe I get this error message whenever I double click on my desktop to launch a programe or open a my documents, am at work at the moment so when will these links when I get home in the morning, OK seem strange I can spend time on the computer whilst at work but it is 2am and I am baby sitting youngsters at a prison!!! Thanks for all input so far hopefully we will get this sorted.

  pac73 02:03 14 Nov 2007

Have you ever had a program called Norton Clean Sweep?Have a look here,is this what happens..click here

  p;3 10:41 14 Nov 2007

it may well be an infection that Norton has chosen to ignore

suggest run this lot
adaware 2007
click here

click here
click here
superantispyware; free version home users
click here
asquare free for private use
click here

fully update each and run each on a full deep scan

also an on line scan from trend

click here

I hope you are on Broadband as this lot may take a time if you are on dial up

depending on how much you have on the computer these scans CAN take some hours to complete so pleae be aware BUT it will be well worth your time and trouble to run them all

Of interest, will the computer allow you to take a restore point NOW?as if you ARE infected it is far better to have an infected restore point than none at all

you may have to enable your firewal to allow thsi; even check IN the firewall settings section to see what is 'allowed'?

good luck

and let us know how that lot goes please

  rob3600 00:11 15 Nov 2007

back to work again for 11 hours! Thanks for everyones help so far I have taken on board and this morning ran the various programes suggested and so far it seems to have sovled the problem I will keep everyone involved up to speed thanks again.

  p;3 00:16 15 Nov 2007

if you can; can you let us know what any of the programs found as will be interesting to know what HAS hit you!!

  rob3600 00:23 16 Nov 2007

Ran ad-ware 2007 picked up 368 virus! then ran spyboot search and distroy, but given the fact I had been at work all night forgot to make a note of what it found, however I do know it found 15 problems. All this and I was running Norton! just goes to show that you are never fully protected, I have also come to the conclusion that some of the FREE programes out there are more successful than those you pay for. I have not had a return of the error message so a HUGH THANKS to all those who support advice and support, couldn't have done it alone.

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