Explorer Temp Fault

  Tony 23:49 08 Jul 2004

Hi all just wanted to know if any one has seen this message in Xp Home before "Unknown Caused an error in ~8951545251.TMP. Explorer"
I went to a new customer to copy his data on to an other computer so that it would be safe while he took it back to Pc World under extanded cover for repair as Norton 2004 was not letting it boot.

I got the data off and setup a temp computer so he could stay on the Internet and get his E-mail, he phoned me yesterday to say that he had the repaired computer back they wiped the hdd restored the software and reinstalled Norton. So made a time to go back and restore data tommorow he just e-mailed me with the message that the computer is doing the above message and it last time it did this some time later Norton stoped it booting with error message that it could not load at this point nither the usb mouse or keyboard will function altho the keyboard will function in the biose i.e will alow you into setup or do a dos command off a 98 boot floppy.
It's not a virus as I removed the hdd when I transfered the data, if you delete the tmp file it is recreated at next boot up. this has me scratching my head so Pc World just restored it and 2 days later it's back without even going on the net,

  Tony 19:32 10 Jul 2004

Hi I finally found it after another half hour yesterday it was spyware. I supect that it may have been cool search as after this was removed (altho could only find reg entry) it stopped.

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