Explorer not showing me the left hand tree pane

  Never again 05:36 17 Apr 2003

My pc motherboard was replaced a couple of weeks ago and when the engineer reinstalled windows me the left side of the explorer window remained greyed out.(It will show history and favourites, search, etc when selected).

Although its only niggly I would prefer to see the folders on the left and the contents of these folders in the right pane.

I have tried changing folder options to reflect the other pc I have access to but this has not resolved the problem.

I don't want to reinstall windows with my original copy as I beleive it will uninstall all the hours of windows updated that I have done since.

Has anyone got any ideas?


  Never again 09:32 17 Apr 2003

Sory - I thought that I said that I was running Windows ME.

I tried the above as it is still appropriate advice but all I get is a greyed out box in its place. which clicking the folder option on the menu bar it either removes it or puts it there.

  Never again 21:38 27 Apr 2003

Sorry I've been away peeps (bad cold).

I usually access the explorer by right clicking a folder on my desktop or the start button and then left clicking explore which then gives me a left and right pane open.

when I do this with my work pc the left pane is greyed out. No fiddling with folder options, etc seems to give me this view back - I've even compared the folder settings with the other work pc which is running the same os, but still no joy.

As I said at first its only a niggle but it is now driving me mad.

  Never again 05:29 06 May 2003

Thanks everyone.

Flecc's solution worked.IE was repaired and the folder view was then available.

I can now stop swearing at my pc for a short while.

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