Explorer Favorites shows local directories

  tiggertwo 14:48 30 Aug 2005

I am puzzled by the fact that in our office of 7 PCs all of same spec and purchased at same time on 4 of them in Internet Explorer when they select to display the 'favorites' column at side this shows not only URLs and sub folders they have created from web use but ALSO the various directories they have on their own PC containing Word and similar type files. However the other 3 PCs do not show these 'non Internet Explorer' files. I cannot see which setting they have different but assume there must be one....

I di think another thread on here had the solution [go to tools\options\advanced and either chekc or uncheck 'enable personailsed favorites' but this din't do the trick and I now see this simply hides/removes links that have not been used recently.

  BurrWalnut 15:14 30 Aug 2005

It seems to me that to stop users adding folders/files to 'Favorites' you will have to disable the option in the registry, do you really want to do that?

  tiggertwo 11:37 31 Aug 2005

BurrWalnut - think my original question must have been poorly phrased...its not that i want to stop people adding to Favorites my question is why on some PCs favorites seems to only show internet related items whilst on others it shows that users PC related sub directories off of their 'my documents' and also their directory share on the server??

  BurrWalnut 13:57 31 Aug 2005

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, isn't it simply because some users have gone into My Docs (or any other folder) highlighted a file and clicked Favorites, Add to?

If so, you could remove Favorites from the Toolbar but only (I think) via the registry.

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