Explorer fault

  prima12 18:27 08 May 2007

Hi, Can anybody help with why I should get the below fault when I click on Documents from my Start tab. I only have to highlight Documents and it's there, if I select 'My Docs' from my Desktop it's no problem. I have tried repairing explorer but to no avail.
I am running W98se with IE6.

EXPLORER caused a general protection fault
in module USER.EXE at 0007:00006750.
EAX=0a8f6ba4 CS=17af EIP=00006750 EFLGS=00000206
EBX=000102a4 SS=2e67 ESP=00008880 EBP=000088b2
ECX=0000000c DS=16d7 ESI=000002a6 FS=2e57
EDX=00000a8f ES=19b7 EDI=00002d47 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
26 8b 3f f7 c7 10 00 75 0f 8b de 46 46 26 8b 07
Stack dump:
2d4719b6 7e6288b3 19b6014f 00fa2e67 35cc010e 013a0000 013a16b0 88ac0004 013a9190 00000000 0a8f6ba4 00000004 88c819b7 000066f0 88c20000 02a42e67

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