Explorer error when i start up...

  mattinertia 10:45 16 Jan 2009

Hi guys... be gentle with me as my knowledge of PCs could fill a thimble.

Last night when i was beavering away at some work my PC locked up... then showed an error message saying explorer had crashed and needed to close -- click here

Just after I got a doctor watson error screen. When i clicked on the errors the PC froze for some time and i had to re-start.

Now when i startup the same thing happens everytime... as soon as i hit the windows desktop it crashes within 20 seconds before most programmes are even loaded. I have restarted the PC several times but it always happens.

I've started the PC in safe mode - which works fine - and done a system restore to the night before when everything was cool. But the same thing happened when i rebooted.

The only warnings i had was a clicking sound which started coming from the PC about 3 weeks ago. Its kind of like when you put a really dodgy CD in a CD player and it just spins round without anything happening...

Anyway... please help me! I've gotta work on my blog this weekend and if i dont get it sorted i might have to go out and see real people and socialise!

Its XP BTW...

  provider 2 11:01 16 Jan 2009

The clicking and whirring noises ... anything like these:

click here

(Site is rather slow sometimes.)

  mattinertia 11:09 16 Jan 2009

Cant get the sounds to play but im gonna bet that one of them does sound like the sound ive been hearing. Its like a spinning steady clicking/knocking sound. Its been making that sound for about 3 weeks but still working fine and im positive its the main hard drive (ive got 2) because it was doing it right from startup and when i wasnt using any files on the 2nd hard drive.

If it is that harddrive thats gone is there anyway for me to extract files/work from it?

  provider 2 11:19 16 Jan 2009

I think you may have a major problem with the hard drive that isn`t going to go away.

The advice when this kind of clicking noise starts to be persistent is to back up while you still can, for sooner rather than later it won`t work at all.

  provider 2 11:22 16 Jan 2009
  mattinertia 11:26 16 Jan 2009

OK... cheers for the help. I think i might have got to the point where the hard drive has packed up and left. I have all my work saved on to a 2nd hard drive so i wont loose anything. Gonna have to buy a new one and install all my progs again, which is a paaaain! Oh well... busy weekend for me.

  provider 2 11:30 16 Jan 2009

Yep. Good luck.

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