Explorer Error – again

  jack 12:29 27 Dec 2004

Explorer Error – again
System XP Pro –512 MB DDR Ram Athlone 1.4

This topic has been well covered, a suggested remedy works
But why does it happen? How can it be fixed permantly?

During a RAM/Disk busy session –lets say picture editing
A warning comes up apologising for the Explorer problem and explains the system will have to shut down. Did I want to send a report?
The icons and Windows go, the icons return almost immediately but any work in progress has gone.
The suggested remedy is SFC /scan now
The system wants the disk
It goes through a scan and replacement routine.
Then a reboot –and all is well for a while.

What exactly is going on [or not]?
Is it low memory [in the current operation all I am doing is copying images off floppies [1.4 MB] into a folder on the HDD –hardly memory intensive?

  CDL 13:05 27 Dec 2004

Hello Jack
I have similar problems with the same set up -XP pro Athlon 1400 512 DDR. - and various others that apparently suggest a memory problem. I have recently run Memtest 86 and it brought up a few errors in the module(s). Since then I have been on to Crucial (the memory suppliers) and they advised me that there is a (now) known issue with the memory installed and have replaced the modules under warranty. - Sounds OK so far ! Thought that that would be the end of the problems - alas - no change and the new memory shows a problem with Memtest as well. So now I'm in touch with Crucial again to try and get to the bottom of the problem. My MB is an Abit KR7A RAID.Unless it's my imagination the problem appears to have become worse since I applied SP2
Feel free to mail me if you want any more comment and I'll keep you posted with Crucials response

  jack 15:29 27 Dec 2004

Thank you for that -very interesting and am interested in keeping in touch via E-mail.
Although through here is perhaps of a greater benefit to the general forum population.

My 512 memory reports on 'post' 511 Mb
So perhaps this is a problem.
Perchance a new memory module with some of my Xmas largess could be an answer.
Lets wait a while and see what develops

  Gongoozler 15:39 27 Dec 2004

I'm also running XP Pro with SP2, and get more Windows Explorer errors than I would expect, but not enough to be a problem. I think this is probably another SP2 issue.

  pc moron 15:39 27 Dec 2004

Have a look in Aministrative Tools> Event Viewer and see what it says under either Application or System.

If there's an error message, right click it and select Properties.

These messages can help track down the cause of a crash.

  jack 09:08 21 Jan 2005

An answer - to this prayer at last - I Hope -I think
It seems to be A-OK at the moment.
Time will tell

See March Issue PCA page 153 Helpline
Topic Crash and Burn.
A mod in the IDE/Atapi controller section in Device Manage in Control panel.

It seems to be working for the Exploer problem too
So far

  CDL 11:00 21 Jan 2005

Haven't got that issue yet. What is the modification ?
-Don't think I've posted since Crucial got back to me; it certainly doesn't appear to be a memory issue. The modules now check out fine and just be sure I've doubled up to 1gbt ! I'm convinced it's an SR2/compatibility glitch.

  ACOLYTE 11:10 21 Jan 2005

Not had any Explorer errors as yet with sp2,one thought on why the memory report as 511 is if you have a soundblaster card installed with the crucial WDM drivers they seem for some reason to divert a meg of ram for the sound card,i used to have the same problem with the web driver download from the creative site.If you dont have one of these cards then it doesnt matter.

  jack 19:32 21 Jan 2005

CDL Explorer Error – again'

Well now - You are supposed to get a copy pf the maggie -what else keeps the forum going?

How ever here it is - do stress I've done the mod, and so far it seems to have kept the problem at bay
but- then again..........you know computers

Control Panel/system/device manager/ go to - IDE/ATAPI - expand it and in the window alter the setting to P10
This slows the seek rate- thus presumably prevents
'data overload in explorer or something like that.

At any rate so far so good

  jack 09:06 22 Jan 2005

In applying the above mentioned fix I think it also messed with the Optical drives- I.E would not read a disc.
This should not be a problem if the HDD is on IDE-0 and the optical drives are on IDE -1

Either may you will probably be indulging in switching basck and forth to get a setting that suits.
Its all a trade off as usual

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