explorer address bar will not perform search!

  Shirl_65 09:05 07 Jun 2003

Hi, I have recently had cause to reinstall i.e6.
I first reverted to last settings (i.e5) and then put 6 back on! The problem is NOW i cant do a topic search from the address bar its very frustrating. It gives me a box that says "cannot find xxxxx make sure path etc is correct!" WHAT the ???? have I done?

  VoG™ 09:12 07 Jun 2003

Tools/Internet Options, Advanced tab, scroll down to "Search from the address bar" and check that the correct option is selected.

  Andsome 09:16 07 Jun 2003

If you use Windows 98 or 98SE, some computers do not like IE 6. If this is the case go back to 5 or 5.5., or alternatively START/SETINGS/CONTROL PANEL/ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS. Select REMOVE IE, then from the three options select REPAIR. If this does not work, try the first option. If you use XP click here

  Shirl_65 09:23 07 Jun 2003

Vog already checked its on correct selection there.

Andsome already tried repair and already reverted to ie5.5 it also did it with that.

Am using win98se.

Thanx but I have tried the obvious solutions none of which have worked!

  Andsome 09:14 08 Jun 2003

Try running the Windows 98 CD. Tell it to install. It won't put another copy on top, but can repair or replace corrupted files.

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