denali 17:01 21 Feb 2005

Windows Explorer has disappeared from my machine. I have looked thru. Programme files but is not there. On search I get four entries but they all take me to My Docs. Anyone help me please

  ventanas 17:04 21 Feb 2005

Windows will not run without explorer, so it must be there somewhere. Try looking in C:\Windows for explorer.exe.

  VoG II 17:08 21 Feb 2005
  denali 17:10 21 Feb 2005

Thank you for your quick response ventanas. I did as you suggested got four results but clicking them still brings up My Docs.

  denali 17:14 21 Feb 2005

Thank you VoG™. It is listed in accessories. I click on it but it still takes me to My Docs. I have opened everthing there in case it is hidden. No Luck

  ventanas 17:16 21 Feb 2005

Are you saying that when you double-click on C:\Windows\Explorer.exe the My Documents window opens. There should be only two explorer files in C:\Windows. Explorer itself and the command file, which has the familiar yellow folder icon.

Try a Ctr-Alt-Del and click on Processes. Explorer should be running.

  denali 17:25 21 Feb 2005

Thank you ventanas. It is running in Processes and using 22,876k memory. Is this right.? At least I know it is on my machine. It would be nice to be able to access it though. It is odd.
I cannot remember ever using it but someone told me how to single click items by going to Explorer and clicking on view. This is when I could not find it.

  ventanas 21:27 21 Feb 2005

A good free alternative to Explorer click here I use the pro version, but this freebie is still good.

  VoG II 21:35 21 Feb 2005

Which version of Windows?

I'll hazard a guess - ME?

  denali 21:37 21 Feb 2005

Sorry for the delay VoG™. I am on XPPro

  VoG II 21:52 21 Feb 2005

A 2-minute delay is acceptable I suppose ;o)

Right click the icon and select Properties.

The Target box should read

C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /n,/e,C:\

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