Exploding Mouse

  thegreypanther 13:53 14 Jun 2005

I have been using a Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse for about two years. Recently, the response of the mouse became "sticky", with the cursor not responding to the mouse. A few shakes of the mouse, and a change of batteries seemed to do the trick for a while, and then the problem re-emerged. Today, I was using the mouse without any problems, when all of a sudden there a loud crack, and the mouse totally stopped functioning. The noise made by this "crack" was very loud indeed. Opening the battery compartment, the internals were smoking and the batteries appeared to be fused together. Is this the first mouse to have thus expired, or have other people encountered this before?

  spuds 14:08 14 Jun 2005

Strange this should happen, as the voltage and wattage is minimal.It can accure through components shorting, but very unlikely. What battery type are you using.

Contact Microsoft, they may send you a replacement.

  Diemmess 14:26 14 Jun 2005

Yonks ago, my youngest son a student, bought himself a tiny twin speaker/cassette player which was powered with AA Duracels.

One or more of these blew up during the night while switched off! He had a long argument with "Tandy" etc. and no one was satisfied ...... but like you the battery/s had exploded and wrecked the nearby components. I assume some construction flaw and a hefty internal short leading to rapid heating and the bang.

  thegreypanther 17:01 14 Jun 2005

The mouse was using a couple of AA Duracell batteries. Whatever happened made a fairly good old mess inside the mouse, - definitely a wipe-out. I can't be bothered to take it up with Miscrosoft.
It's all rather curious, as I would never have thought that a "harmless" device such as a mouse could expire with a loud crack and be left smoking in my hands!

  woodchip 17:16 14 Jun 2005

Good job they was not rechargeable batteries it would have been a BANG

  Pidder 19:08 14 Jun 2005

Heard of exploding frogs, this is something new!

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