Explanation of 64bit please.

  Meshuga 11:36 27 Jun 2007

I frequently see processors advertised as being 64bit. What is the advantage of this over the previous standard of 32bit? and what does it actually do.?

  Meshuga 13:58 27 Jun 2007


  dazza39 13:59 27 Jun 2007

Err self explanitory ,lol.

  [email protected] 14:04 27 Jun 2007
  Totally-braindead 14:35 27 Jun 2007

Its not really worth using it yet in my opinion, until all the programs are available as 64 bit you wouldn't see any increase in speed and there is the driver problem, every part of your computer that needs a driver needs a 64 bit driver in order to run with a 64 bit OS and some of them might not be available. Many of the XP 64 bit drivers are there but theres loads of Vista 64 bit drivers that haven't been released yet.

  Meshuga 15:01 27 Jun 2007

dazza69, not to me it isnt.

  Meshuga 15:07 27 Jun 2007

Totally-braindead, so are you saying that if I bought a new PC, which I have in mind, that I would not be able to install, and use, any of the progs from my old PC without some modification? Current OS is XPhome sp2.

  Totally-braindead 15:26 27 Jun 2007

I believe that 32 bit programs in general work with 64 bit windows but I am not certain of this in all cases, as far as I know the 64 bit version of windows can run a compatability mode so that 32 bit program will run ok. I could be wrong in this but theres no advantage in using 64 bit windows unless the programs you use are also 64 bit. There shouldn't be a downside though they should still run at the same speed as if they were used on a 32 bit computer if you know what I mean.
I did see a few programs early on that did have problems with 64 bit versions of windows, perhaps this is now resolved I just don't know.
The reason I would avoid it is because in many cases theres no drivers for the hardware.

I'm going to leave it at that and see if someone who uses a 64 bit version of windows can pop in and say whether he/she has had any issues with any programs as I'm a bit lost to be honest and what I have typed is what my impression is of 64 bit windows. I cannot comment specifically about it as I have never tried it and don't know anyone who is running a 64 bit version of windows. The advantage there was meant to be with upgrading to 64 bit computing has to me been a huge anti climax as most companies have not created any 64 bit programs and without them doing this theres no advantage.

I'll pop back later and see if anyone can clarify things.

  Meshuga 15:38 27 Jun 2007

Totally-braindead, many thaks for that, I`m Totally-lost, (no pun intended.) I`ll delay getting the new PC until I find out more.

  Meshuga 15:38 27 Jun 2007

Thanks to all who replied.

  Technotiger 16:36 27 Jun 2007

For your edification...

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