expertise urgently needed - windows 98 won't load

  Eusabius 15:44 14 Jul 2004

Here's the problem:
the computer starts as normal, recognizing the cdrom drives ok, then, when it would normally start toload windows 98 se, this appears at the C prompt:


then, about a third of the way in from the left, another prompt appears; beneath this , and even further in from the left appears the following

e h i k l n o p q r s t u v w x y z

followed by these brackets:{}which contain a vertical broken bar sign followed by a series of a's and e's with a variety of foreign accents above them.

On the next line it says:
Press any key to continue...

However, pressing any key turns off the computer
{which turns off after about a minute anyway)

I have a windows 98 startup disk but it hasn't been of any use so far.
I have a tight deadline and this is a disaster!

By the way: if I hadto, could I install a new hard disk, load win 98 onto it, and copy the files off the old hard drive(I can access the c drive with with the help of the startup disk., and a a scan afew days ago said that there were no bytes in damaged areas, the the drive seems to be ok)

  ollie < one> 19:09 14 Jul 2004

you can do what you suggest by installing win 98 on to a 2nd hdd make this the master and your other hdd the slave copy your files across to the master but make sure you do a virus scan of your now slave hdd or you could just transfer the problem on to your new master hdd

  Valvegrid 19:21 14 Jul 2004

Why have two threads running on the same problem? people won't know which one to answer you on.

click here

  woodchip 21:04 14 Jul 2004

I would say that you have got some bad memory in your computer, or the CPU is running hot, and is corrupting files

  woodchip 21:13 16 Jul 2004


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