Expert in MS Word Required!

  The Potter 22:59 19 Jul 2004

Hi, I'm not sure how to describe what it is I want to do, so please do bear with me! I'm building templates for 'others' to use, lets say it's a confirmation of pay letter. I want to have a box at the top that says "type the new employees address here". The person then clicks on the box and the area goes blank for them to type an adress. It's just like on the MS templates where it says something like "Click here to add your company name". I guess I'm getting in to VBA here but if someone could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful!

Many thanks. TP

  Djohn 23:06 19 Jul 2004

What you need to do is set up a new document as a template and insert a field for any address's or names you require. Go to toolbar/insert/field. Click on field then set up from there.

Quite straightforward and it will work on the same principle as a mail merge.

  Djohn 23:11 19 Jul 2004

You can even leave the titles in so that you can use the tab key to move down a line at a time.


Address line 1

Address line 2


Tel No.


  Taff36 11:13 20 Jul 2004

Djohn is right. Suggest you read up on the Word Help on inserting fields first. Couple or more suggestions - the two fields I most use are "Fill In" and "Macrobutton" (AcceptAllChangesInDocument). Fill In does what Djohn suggests. The latter is the one you refer to in the original post.

In Word make sure you always show field shading - it helps when doing these templates. TOOLS>OPTIONS>VIEW TAB and select in the drop down box.

Why Not copy the field from a MS template and paste it into your new template. Then highlight the field and press SHIFT KEY + F9 - now you can see the field code. Repeating will toggle back.

If you get stuck post back but tell us which version of Word you are using - they vary slightly as I`ve found out when helping others with this.

  The Potter 00:21 21 Jul 2004

Thanks Guys, I'm experimenting with this right now and will report back tomorrow. Double thanks for such speedy responses; be back soon .........!

  The Potter 20:53 21 Jul 2004

I'm seting up the templates in Word 2000 but they will be used in Word XP (?2003). I can set the templates up in XP if it'll make life easier for me though!

I've got so far - I can set the template up, use the fillin field and a get a shaded box to say "Type address here". I've saved the template but when I re-open it, it is just a grey box with the instruction in; I can't click on it and it doesn't disappear! I've read though the help files but guess I'm still mising something. The documents I want to set up are not connected to mail-merge and never will be, is this my problem?

  Chris the Ancient 21:11 21 Jul 2004

I'm groping a little because it's a while since I did anything on these lines.


Have you set the 'lock' properties correctly with that little padlock in the fields toolbar?


  The Potter 21:22 21 Jul 2004

Don't think I've got a fields toolbar, I've right clicked the standard toolbar to get the list of toolbars and I don't have a fields option listed. I can't see a little padlock on the fields dialogue toolbar either .........

  The Potter 21:24 21 Jul 2004

Sorry - fields dialogue box NOT toolbar!

  Djohn 23:44 21 Jul 2004

Select Field from the Word toolbar, From the menu bar on the left of the insert dialogue box choose "Address Block", Additional info will then display on the right side of the box. Place a tick in the "Address Format" and click next.

You will now have a grey box that will expand as you type. Place your information as required and use(Save as). Give it a name and save to your templates

  The Potter 00:02 22 Jul 2004

Please forgive me, I'm going to sound REALLY stupid but .... I don't understand what you mean by Word toolbar! I've got the standard menu bar (file,edit etc) and the standard and format toolbars (amongst others) but no word toolbar that I can see, Sorry.

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