graham√ 21:42 27 Sep 2003

Anyone else received a message from Mailer-Daemon postmaster about an undelivered Email to the above? Sounds like a scam to me, I never sent the mail.

  MAJ 22:14 27 Sep 2003

Probably one of those virus emails that are going around, graham√, just delete it.

  Forum Editor 22:21 27 Sep 2003

delete it.

  graham√ 22:57 27 Sep 2003

Strange, there were no attachments. All the data included looked just like you get when you try to send to an incorrect address.

  -pops- 06:26 28 Sep 2003

It's probably a searcher trying to find valid email addresses.

If you had been more curious and responded to it, this would have confirmed you are real - with all sorts of consequences.

  graham√ 09:12 28 Sep 2003

This is what it said :

The original message was received at Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:38:59 -0400 (EDT)
from scmp-m11.mail.aol.com []


Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with its
delivery. The address which was undeliverable is listed in the section
labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----".

The reason your mail is being returned to you is listed in the section
labeled: "----- Transcript of Session Follows -----".

The line beginning with "<<<" describes the specific reason your e-mail could
not be delivered. The next line contains a second error message which is a
general translation for other e-mail servers.

Please direct further questions regarding this message to your e-mail

--AOL Postmaster

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<[email protected]>

----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to mailhub4.experian.com.:
>>> RCPT To:<[email protected]>
<<< 550 5.2.1 Mailbox unavailable. This server does not accept mails to this SMTP address ([email protected]).
550 <[email protected]>... User unknown
<[email protected]>... Deferred: Connection reset by mail.hosting-advantage.com.
<[email protected]>... Deferred: Connection reset by mail2.yourlawyer.com.

Final-Recipient: RFC822; [email protected]
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.1
Remote-MTA: DNS; mailhub4.experian.com
Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 550 5.2.1 Mailbox unavailable. This server does not accept mails to this SMTP address ([email protected]).
Last-Attempt-Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 13:45:08 -0400 (EDT)

Received: from scmp-m11.mail.aol.com (scmp-m11.mail.aol.com []) by omr-m08.mx.aol.com (v95.1) with ESMTP id RELAYIN5-63f75af13258; Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:38:59 -0400
Received: from imo-r08.mx.aol.com (imo-r08.mail.aol.com []) by scmp-m11.mail.aol.com (v92.16) with ESMTP id RELAYIN1-23f75ae943b3; Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:36:52 -0400
Received: from [email protected]
by imo-r08.mx.aol.com (mail_out_v36_r1.1.) id f.108.26f82c98 (16781)
for [email protected]; Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:36:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: [email protected]
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:36:41 EDT
Subject: Client TOS Notification
To: [email protected]
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="part1_108.26f82c98.2ca70889_boundary"
X-Mailer: 8.0 for Windows sub 670
X-Loop: scomp

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:21 28 Sep 2003

Experian are a credit reference agency......click here


  graham√ 09:24 28 Sep 2003

Thanks, yes I know, and I had never heard of them before. I certainly didn't send them an E-mail, and there's no record in my sent E-mails.

  VoG II 09:43 28 Sep 2003
  Newuser38 09:43 28 Sep 2003

I had a similar message from AOL Postmaster which did seem to match up with a message I had just sent, but the name of the firm and the address was not the same as that of the genuine firm.

I deleted it any way.

  graham√ 09:50 28 Sep 2003

Boo! Thanks, I hadn't seen that.

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