Expensive printer ink

  startlater 20:49 11 Jul 2008

I have a Canon Pixma printer ip4300 and find that I rapidly run out of ink and have to buy new ink tanks. Is there a way of saving ink i.e. Would the ink last longer if I turned the printer on and off as and when I needed to print something rather tham leaving the printer on all the time my computer is on

  Clapton is God 21:14 11 Jul 2008

Leaving the printer turned on all the time will have absolutely no effect on ink consumption.

Be aware, however, that the iP4300 can be set to power down xxx minutes after its last use.

In printing preferences, click on the Maintenance tab and choose Auto Power.

Then have look under the Main tab and set print quality to Standard rather than High to save ink.

  woodchip 22:04 11 Jul 2008

It will be more expensive if the Printer will not print no more because of lack of use. Ink dries in the jets so that you may have to chuck the printer away if it stops printing

  Strawballs 22:21 11 Jul 2008
  jack 09:37 12 Jul 2008

When printing full colour images-selecting 'Inkjet Transparency as the media - this reduces the ink flow and gives an all together brighter image.
and by installing and using this click here

A really use tool and worth every penny.
More over when doing general printing set to print DRAFT mode.

  GRIDD 11:29 12 Jul 2008

woodchip that's mainly an Epson problem, replacing them (print heads) on a Canon is easy as they are not built in. Actually classed as a user replaceable spare part.

  David4637 12:52 12 Jul 2008

Switch off after use, BUT print a small colour test pattern or print the nozzle check ONCE PER WEEK, and risk of the head drying out is minimal. David

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:36 12 Jul 2008

click here use this sytem and you will have no worries. I'm sure someone can come up with a cheaper CISS.


  BT 16:39 12 Jul 2008

"Actually classed as a user replaceable spare part."

Maybe but have you seen the price of them.

  palinka 22:25 30 Jul 2008

I also use a Canon iP4300, but DON'T find it runs out of ink quickly.
Here are the methods I use for conserving ink:
1. Don't just click on the icon for the printer when printing ; instead go to File>print and then click the preferences button; there i choose Fast - it's fine for all but the most important stuff you want to print; I use that setting virtually all the time.
2. Unless you really NEED a colour print choose "Grayscale" and print in black and white whenever posssible instead of colour.
3. Choosing Grayscale also has the benefit of black being printed only from the black ink cartridge - otherwise black is printed from mixture of the colours.
Switching off/on, etc has no effect on amount of ink used.
I've never had a blockage on a Canon such as woodchip warns about, though I know they occur with Epson printers.
I buy compatible inks - preferably those WITH a chip already on them, just like the Canon own brand; or I have the Canon cartridges refilled at Cartridge world
Hope this helps.

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